About Us

ActiveConversion is the leading industrial sales and marketing solution provider across North America.

Since 2007, our team has helped generate revenue for business to business companies in more than 500 successful projects, using online advertising, conversion software and web expertise.
Industrial buyers are searching for products and services online. We provide tailored solutions to help manufacturers, distributors and industrial service providers connect with these interested buyers and convert the best opportunities into sales.

ActiveConversion Software

The ActiveConversion software was developed in 2007 and has become the benchmark in lead identification, lead management, and marketing automation for industrial companies.

ActiveConversion provides a single tool to help convert interested buyers, measure marketing and sell intelligently. The platform is simple to use and easy to integrate into existing processes, which is why it has helped companies improve sales and marketing in over 500 projects across different industries.

ActiveConversion a Top 10 Marketing Automation Provider


Return on Investment
We create sales and marketing systems that generate real results for our customers

Accountability and Transparency
We take responsibility for the results we deliver and clearly measure all aspects of our sales and marketing systems.

Trust and Reliability
We are trusted advisers to our customers and can be relied upon to navigate the online world on behalf of our industrial partners.

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