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Our salespeople spend less time on lead generation. ActiveConversion identifies quality leads for them to phone and do their magic.
Laura Twible
Marketing Manager, DecTec

What Is Conversion Software?

Our revolutionary solution takes online interest from your marketing, advertising, and trade shows and turns it into actionable sales intelligence. Build your sales pipeline, follow the sale cycle, and get notified when it’s the perfect time to close a qualified lead. No more cold calls. No more guesswork.

Business Intelligence

Our software identifies more of the visitors generated by marketing. Improve sales success by knowing which leads are ready to buy and understanding what they are interested in.

How it works for sales

Integrated Marketing

Follow leads through the buying cycle, from the first click to the final sale. Understand which efforts are generating new prospects and pass only the best opportunities on to sales.

How it works for marketing

Use our software together with apps like:

Zapier Google Analytics Google Ads SalesForce Pipedrive

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See It In Action

Our software works for B2B companies to increase sales, improve marketing ROI, and save resources. If you're ready, contact us to schedule a 20-minute presentation on what ActiveConversion can do for you.

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