Sales Intelligence

Spend less time on lead generation and more on closing. Our software uncovers leads you didn’t know about, makes it easy to see which leads are interested, and lets you know when leads are ready to engage.


Identify the Best Opportunities

Know who’s interested & when

When the best leads are obvious, sales teams spend less time on lead generation and more time closing deals. Go beyond analytics with software that automatically scores leads and tracks engagement with marketing efforts to clearly highlight the leads that are interested in your products and services. As a result, sales reps can focus on interested prospects, instead of making cold calls.

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Focus on deals that close

Accelerate your sales cycle by focusing on the opportunities that are ready to make a buying decision. Our software provides detailed insights and alerts into prospect activity so your team can separate the tire kickers from interested buyers. Improve success by devoting key resources to the sales-ready leads.


CRM integrations - Pipedrive and Salesforce

Understand Interest

Before picking up the phone

Have more meaningful interactions with prospects by understanding exactly what they are interested in. Our software makes it easy to know which products or services a buyer is considering, allowing sales teams to reach out with relevant information. Improve sales efficiency by getting to the root of customer needs.

Assign Leads to Your Sales Team

Never miss an opportunity

Make it easy for sales teams to stay connected with the best opportunities. Sales reps receive automated notifications as the leads assigned to them perform new actions online. As a result, opportunities are never missed and sales can effortlessly follow leads through the buying cycle until they are ready to reach out.


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