Forms Management


Simplified Form Creation

With the ActiveConversion software, custom forms for any page on your website are easy to create. Our form creation software allows you to simply drag and drop the fields you’d like to include, so you don’t need to be a coder to create a powerful form. Even better still, you can easily create and connect automated nurture emails to be sent to your visitors after they fill out your form. ActiveConversion provides simplified form creation and lead nurturing all in one.

Easily Connect and Integrate

Managing forms has never been easier. Through ActiveConversion, the forms on your website can be seamlessly integrated into your sales database. Our software allows you to easily connect and edit existing forms, so that the data visitors enter is not only emailed to you, but automatically uploaded into your ActiveConversion account. You can view the history of your form fills right in your account, to compare the success and popularity of different forms, and identify which are most effective.

Form Integration in ActiveConversion

Find Out Who’s Looking

With the information input into your forms automatically updated in your visitor profiles in ActiveConversion, you can find out not only who’s looking, but what their level and area of interest is. Our integrated system allows you to see and analyze a visitor’s activity on your website prior to and after filling out a form, so your sales team knows how and when to approach them.

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