Lead Management

Meet New Leads

Meet New Leads and Track Customers

Discover and score website visitors

Get qualified leads delivered to your sales force instantly with ActiveConversion. Our unique marketing intelligence system introduces you to interested visitors, identifying companies and detailed contact information. Leads are then scored and managed to produce outstanding revenue and sales results. Identifying anonymous visitors makes outbound calls highly effective, ensuring your sales team makes contact at the right time.

Assign Leads To Your Team

Keep an eye on active prospects

Our sales tracking system sends scheduled reports to your sales team on the most active prospects and qualified leads generated through your website. Accelerate your sales cycle with ActiveConversion, and eliminate the need for cold calls by spending time in the right place – with sales-ready leads!

Sales Intelligence


Marketing Automation with CRM Integration

Instant CRM Integration

Automatically sync leads to your CRM

ActiveConversion integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Google AdWords & Analytics, and email service providers such as Vertical Response. ActiveConversion software also works with leading email providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor. This allows your demand generation, inbound marketing, industry information, and lead management to be organized in one place! Our technology gives you the tools to become a lead-generating machine.

Generate More Revenue

Convert marketing efforts into sales

Your website can become a ‘marketing weapon’ by taking full advantage of your campaigns and website traffic. Using your online presence with marketing tools such as emails, webinars, and search engine marketing; qualified leads are easily nurtured down the sales funnel.

View our infographic to see exactly how ActiveConversion process works to close sales.

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