Measure ROI

How will you know if your marketing is working if you can’t measure the results? Marketing departments get a bad reputation for spending money on campaigns that don’t achieve their goals. But marketing and metrics can get along – our software enables you to measure your marketing ROI effectively.

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

With Real Time Results

See the results of your marketing campaigns all in one place. Find out what works best when you send out an email, launch an ad campaign, or write a new blog post.

ActiveConversion allows you to track the results of your marketing campaigns to see which mediums or messaging are generating the highest return.

Actionable Marketing Intelligence

Tracking Leads for Sales Teams

ActiveConversion doesn’t just track open and clickthrough rates, our software shows you who’s interacting with your campaigns and what their interests are on your website.

ActiveConversion automatically adds the results of your marketing directly into your sales funnel. Not only can you see results, but you can generate new prospects for sales to follow up with seamlessly. Now that’s marketing ROI.

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