Email Marketing

Whether you are nurturing new prospects or reconnecting with current customers, email marketing offers an effective way of reaching a wide audience with minimal resources.

Our built-in email marketing software allows our customers to create and send personal, blast, or nurture emails that are highly deliverable and trackable. Our customers use our email marketing to nurture prospects, introduce new product lines, announce their attendance at tradeshows, send newsletters, offer deals and more. At ActiveConversion, we make email marketing easy to execute and results driven.


  • Easily target new prospects
  • Automatically nurture interested prospects
  • Stay engaged with your customers and other stakeholders
  • Share news, events and updates with stakeholders
  • Easily measure the results of your campaigns

Email Blasts

At ActiveConversion we make email marketing as effective and user-friendly as possible. Our software allows for trackable emails to be sent as a blast, or even on a one to one basis. Once you’ve created an email campaign, and selected your recipients, you can easily send personalized emails to however small or large of an audience you choose. After your email has been sent, our software continues to work for you to measure the response to your email and track and report on any leads generated from your efforts.

Email Nurturing

Using email nurturing, potential customers are nurtured by a series of emails designed to gradually increase their engagement until they are sales-ready. These targeted campaigns can be easily integrated with forms on your website and set to send emails that are specific to a prospect’s interests on your website to increase positive response.

Why ActiveConversion?

Instead of using email marketing as a stand-alone tactic, ActiveConversion integrates emails into your full sales and marketing system. Our email marketing allows customers not only to interact with their audience, but to see the results of their efforts and to generate and report on new leads. To make sure you’re able to gain the full benefits of our email marketing software, we offer ongoing comprehensive training and support to our customers.

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