Landing Pages

Through the use of our paid online advertising, prospects will be able to easily to see your ads and engage with your company online. But once they click on your ad, which information do you want them to see?

ActiveConversion allows you to create custom landing pages that work in tandem with your online marketing efforts to turn prospects into leads. Our landing pages are designed with industry in mind, and are setup to work specifically with the length of your sales cycle. Our landing pages engage your visitors with selected information relevant to their searches and prompt them to contact you when the time is right, instead of overwhelming them with a full catalogue of information.


  • Move prospects forward in the conversion process
  • Provide information targeted to specific searches
  • Guide prospects to relevant information and resources
  • Prompt prospects to contact you
  • Avoid losing potential customers with too much irrelevant information

How it Works

Our custom landing pages essentially act as a one page website. Instead of simply directing a visitor to your homepage and asking them to find what they need, our landing pages are designed to include all of the information a visitor might need relative to their search, without overwhelming them. We understand that sales don’t happen immediately from a prospect browsing a single webpage, and that’s why our landing pages are strategically designed to provide the right amount and type of information to entice your prospects to contact you and further them along in a sale cycle.

Why ActiveConversion

We build each page of your website with conversion in mind. Our landing pages follow in suit and include a strategic combination of information, conversion oriented design, and calls to action. ActiveConversion allows you to easily create your own unique landing pages that are tailored to your business and customers. Let our experienced team and powerful software help you to create a landing page that works to drive leads for your business.

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