Pay Per Click Advertising

Let ActiveConversion drive the right traffic to your website at the right time through pay per click advertising.

Our targeted online ads are extremely low cost and allow you to be easily found by potential customers when they are actively seeking your products or services. ActiveConversion can create a campaign built around the keywords that matter most to your business. Pay per click advertising allows you to focus your resources on interested potential customers, and achieve higher brand recognition with advertisements shown at the top of search results.


  • Connect with your customers when it matters most
  • Increase targeted traffic to your website
  • Target customers geographically
  • Only pay when your ad is clicked
  • Easily manage and adjust your ads
  • Get found online before competition

Why ActiveConversion?

ActiveConversion is a Google AdWords Certified Partner and has been since 2005, shortly after the program began. We are one of the only Google Certified partners that specialize in working with industrial companies. At ActiveConversion we work with our customers to develop campaigns that are tailored to their business. Once campaigns are in place, our team continually monitors and adjusts these campaigns to optimize performance, all the while providing ongoing monthly reporting and recommendations.

How it Works

Pay per click advertising allows you to target relevant potential customers through the implementation of search terms that are pertinent to your business. When a user types one of these key terms into their browser, your advertisement will be eligible to be shown in the paid advertisements at the top of the search results. These ads can be set up to direct potential customers to a page relevant to their search, or even to prompt the customer to call with a linked phone number. Unlike traditional advertising, companies are only charged for these low cost ads when someone actually clicks on them.

Search Engine Optimization

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