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Trade shows are an excellent place for industrial exhibitors (like you) to connect with key industry contacts, raise awareness for your offerings, and generate more top quality leads.


If you want your event participation to produce real results, waiting until you get to the convention city to reach out to your target audience isn’t going to be good enough. Instead, you need to shift your schedule and step up your pre-show marketing efforts; this webinar shows you how.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the most successful industrial exhibitors prioritize pre-show marketing and you should too
  • How to create your pre-show marketing plan strategically (so that every communication attempt can be well-received by your audience and supportive of your event-specific goals)
  • How to connect your pre-show marketing efforts to your on-site efforts in a way that not only boosts your booth traffic but also simplifies lead scoring for your booth staff

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