Case Studies

With more than 900 successful projects, our solutions have helped industrial manufacturers, distributors and service providers generate more business through tailored online marketing solutions.

Oil & Gas Technology

XI Technologies

"With ActiveConversion, they can identify 90% of the people clicking on their ads in media publications. Without it, only 2%."

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Oilfield Equipment

Specialized Desanders

"They posted ads in EnergyNow. 79% of the people that clicked on those ads were automatically identified using ActiveConversion."

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Building Materials Manufacturer

Skyline Building Systems

"Tailored solutions helped generate 851 sales ready leads in 7 months"

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Modular Heating Systems Manufacturer


"Improved sales processes and efficiencies for their large team in U.S.A & Canada"

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Project Management & Wellsite Supervision

Pajak Engineering Ltd.

“Provided Pajak with approximately 40% more visitors than the previous year”

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Electronics Manufacturing

Extreme Telematics Corp.

"ActiveConversion played a major role in doubling our revenues consistently"

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Industrial Safety Services

United Safety Ltd.

“has increased United Safety's tradeshow lead conversion by more than 200%”

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Metal Fabrication / Manufacturing

Allied Metal Ltd.

“We have definitely seen an increase in online sales... and decreased monthly cost”

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Manufacturing / Welding Shelters

Hex-Hut Shelter Systems

“Our online inquiries have
more than doubled after implementation”

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Oil and Gas Control and Safety Solutions

MICA Controls

“A very substantial increase (exceeding 300%) in qualified sales leads”

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Manufacturing Facilities

Evans Consoles

"We have clear visibility and an automated process to prioritize and respond to leads"

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Management Software

Solium Capital

"ActiveConversion has drastically affected Solium’s ability to score leads and prioritize sales activity"

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Health Care

Medusa Medical

"Our traffic has improved 117% and continues to increase at a steady rate every month"

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Risk Management Technology


"Increased our leads hundreds of times because of this combination of efforts and tools"

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Printing Solutions


"We are no longer dependent on prospects initiating their own requests"

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Electric Contracting Services

Northern Electric

"Prospective clients can now find us using a wide variety of search terms"

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Real Estate Development

Sagebrook Developments

"Creating a database of potential customers was the most valuable service"

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